About Us


Our Companies is Established in 2018, Tunnad Group Limited is an expanding group of efficient utility services delivery units

We are a agglomerate and distinct real estate salesperson,insurance agency, mortgage loan originator and tax and consulting services. provider units, delivering affordable, reliable, efficient, practical and professional services across key sectors. Our services are budget tailored with specific adaptations to fit client requirements and are available to a broad range of clientele.

A summary of the services we offer

Our mission is to bring protection everywhere around human want.We believe insurance should be Ethical, Tailored, and Effortless.
Our insurance products includes life & mortgages protection for your family, home insurance and commercial insurance and what you drive – if it matters to you, let’s protect it. We provide cover options targeted at households, business, houses, motor vehicle owners, hauliers, banks and others, we aim at addressing the needs of the people and businesses needs with introduction of newer and easier value added products and services.
TUNNAD GROUP is a Real Estate Salesperson under ALADEX REALTY company with the primary focus of finding you a home.
Our vision is to be a dependable real estate salesperson with global outlook through consistent delivery of top client satisfaction.

We are a value based company in US, aimed at delivering sustainable Real Estate solutions. A provider of premium lifestyles through our world-class portfolio of integrated communities, we deliver quality homes; making us the preferred choice for home-buyers.

TUNNAD GROUP, your trusted Mortgage Loan Generator
We help families and individuals meet their goals by providing quality mortgage products and services.

With TUNNAD GROUP mortgage experts by your side, your goal of purchasing a breathtaking needs such as luxury house and car is within reach. We know that’s stressful, but we can help.

We Stay well organized while working with multiple clients due to our solid methodology and structure
We are a reputable Tax and Management Consultantant with capacity to manage and resolve tax issues

Our team of professional chartered accountants and tax practitioners makes it a priority to assist our clients to accurately calculate and prepare their taxes payable in order to avoid unnecessary future liabilities.